Mayor’s Corner

Welcome to to the Mayor’s Corner. Mayor Synan is pleased to present the following information on the Marcellus Shale Drilling topic:

Response from Representative Joseph Markosek

I checked with PennDOT. The agency does use Salt Brine, however this water is not in any way connected to the natural gas extraction industry.  PennDOT uses it for both pre-storm Anti-Icing operations and during the storm for salt Pre-Wet applications. Last year the agency used approximately 10 million gallons of brine in its winter operations. All of the brine used by PennDOT is manufactured by the Department.

Response from Senator Don White

Town Name & Zip Code

The Municipality of Murrysville residents who have an "Export, 15632 inches address, may now use either "Murrysville" or "Export" as their town name with the Zip Code "15632." It's suggested that any resident who wishes to begin using "Murrysville, 15632 inches as their address, start by changing their return address stickers so recipients of their mail will know they can use the "Murrysville, 15632 inches address. And, when subscriptions need renewed or new ones ordered, advise them to use "Murrysville, 15632." For those residents who live and pay taxes in Export Borough, please continue to use "Export, 15632." Should anyone have questions or need assistance on this addressing change, please contact the Mayor's Office at 724-327-2100, ext. 130.

Mayor Regis J. Synan