Channel 21 Show descriptions

The following are shows that you will find on channel 21.

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The following are meetings held in the Municipal Building Council Chambers. These meetings are pen to the public and shown live along with being recorded and played back at scheduled times

Murrysville Council Meetings:

Council meetings are held twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


Murrysville Planning Meetings:

Planning Commission meetings are held twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of the Month.


Franklin Regional School Board:

School Board meetings are held twice a month on the first and third Mondays of the month.

Franklin Regional School District


Municipality of Murrysville Misc.

There are also miscellaneous meetings shown live and recorded for replays. Special meetings and other shows like Candidates Night.


Franklin Regional General:

These range from morning announcements from the High School and Middle School. They are recorded in the morning then replayed on channel 19 at 5:30 PM. To other school activities and events. (Some sport games, assemblies, graduation and other events) Some of these are broadcast live with replays and some are prerecorded.

Franklin Regional School District

FR School District Logo

The following are shows we get that are available royalty free for our use.

United States Military Bands

Whether you like jazz music, a marching band or orchestra music, the U.S. military has you covered. Each branch of the military boasts a diverse offering of musical talent that serves for ceremonial purposes but also for entertainment and outreach. Check out these bands to stay in tune with military music.

US Military Bands 5

Sci-Fi Journal

Sci-Fi Journal is an award-winning Rhode Island public access cable TV show covering many aspects of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.  Sci-Fi Journal won the Best Magazine-Format/News program for 2012 at the RI PEG Awards on November 16, 2012, and was also nominated in the Best Edited Segment category.

Frequent segments include news and trailers for movies, television shows, video games, as well as news on Blu-ray/DVD releases, Anime, Gaming, Comics, and Collectibles, as well as reporting from events such as conventions, and other local happenings.  Plus, there are interviews with favorite authors, artists, publishers, convention coverage, round-table discussions, and cool Internet movies, movie trailers, and more.

The Rhode Island Science Fiction Club

Sci-Fi Journal Logo
Sci-Fi Cast

The Garage with Steve Butler

Steve Butler is an artist and furniture maker with more than 20 years experience in the field.  In his garage workshop, he'll share with you the way to make fun, funky projects without having all the fancy expensive shop tools of the other shows.  Anything from fine furniture to cool, artsy objects are what he's making.  The Garage is a how-to show unlike any other.

The Garage with Steve Butler

The Garage Steve Butler

All Things Victorian

What is it with the Victorians that continues to engage our curiosity? Why do so many delight in this endlessly fascinating time in our collective history? Victoriana Lady Lisa takes us on an  adventure in history in this award-winning series produced by the Passion Projects, LLC.


2015 - ACM - Hometown Media Awards - 3 categories: Entertainment & Arts (series), Informational Talk Show (single episode - Steampunk w/Bruce Rosenbaum), Instructional/Training (single episode - The Queen's Kitchen/Victorian Baking)

2014 - ACM Northeast - Profile Talk Show (Professional)

All Things Victorian

All Things Victorian Lady Lisa

Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre

Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre presents the best, worst and wildest horror and science fiction films ever made!  Join the High Lord of Geekdom, Lord Blood-Rah, each week in Blood-Rah Manor as he comically guides you through the offbeat worlds of weird cinema. Come in and Geek Out!

In production since 2012, Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre has garnered a loyal fan base comprised of families introducing their children to horror and sci-fi in a family friendly format, young adults who enjoy the campy humor of low budget films and insights into film history, and older viewers who enjoy the nostalgic aspects of the older films we present.

The host, Lord Blood-Rah, is a three time nominee for The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Favorite Horror Host and has hosted live film events and film festivals across the country.

For more info, please visit

Lord Blood

Hollywood Makeover

Hollywood Makeover is a nineteen part TV series with E/I content for teenagers. The shows were created to help teenagers learn about having a career in the film or broadcast industry. Each show is twenty eight minutes and thirty seconds long. There is no commercial content. Each show interviews a person or persons who are presently working in the film making or media broadcasting industry.

The individual shows are hosted by Rachelle McCray  and cover such subjects as: lighting for a film, choosing the right camera for a film, mixing and editing music for a broadcast project, working with actors and actresses, choosing the right location, supplying food for your cast and crew, picking out costumes for characters and distributing your independent film project.

Hollywood Makeover Logo

After Hours Cinema

After Hours Cinema is a late-night, horror host television program presenting public domain low-budget horror and sci-fi films, along with showcasing independent filmmakers and fandom.

A horror host in the vein of the late great Bob Wilkins. Each show in addition to the featured film showcases retro trailers, cosplayers, and special guests.

After Hours Cinema

Sudzin Country

"Sudzin Country" is country and bluegrass music interview shows with a song or two by the artist. There is also a country dance show taped at the Colorado Café in Watchung, N.J.  Some of the shows teach a country dance in the show.

Sudzin Country is in its 38th year on the radio, playing the country music classics and the ones that will be classics. Whether it is Country, Bluegrass or Western favorites, Sudzin Country plays it all. 

Herb Sudzin established Sudzin Country in 1977 as an alternative to mainstream Country Radio.  With more variety to listen to, Sudzin Country has become a favorite, where it is heard every weekend morning on 88.7 FM WRSU and on 

On July 7, 2012 Herb established the Gardening Hour segment, which airs on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Sudzin Country

Herb Sudzin
Sudzin Coutry 2

Tech Throwback

"Tech Throwback" is a program that features "Techno trends from way back when". We look at vintage electronics, from old computers to video games to other pieces of old-school tech. It's the way we would compute and play back in the day!
 "Tech Throwback" is hosted by Bill Robert, classic tech enthusiast and host of "Stateside Footy".
 The episodes are uploaded in SD MPEG-2 Format, and will be available in 4:3 standard and 16:9 widescreen versions.

Tech Throwback

Wine Country at Work

Wine tourism is a growing segment of the travel world. San Francisco's north bay, including Napa and Sonoma, is the most visited wine region in great because of the short ride from a city that is itself a major destination. These agricultural regions host millions of international visitors and struggle with maintaining their natural environments. The hosts, Ralph and Lahni De Amicis, are local authors and tour guides. They go behind the scenes into a wide variety of workplaces, discovering what talents and skills are necessary to create a great wine and a great tourism destination. The show features beautiful scenery, unique locations and wonderful stories. Taken together it offers interesting lessons about balancing the natural world and modern society.

Screen Shot WCatW

Your Sanctuary

This program showcases national marine sanctuaries, especially your Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the resources it protects, the recreation it supports, and the businesses dependent upon a healthy ocean environment. 

 One of the key objectives of the Your Sanctuary program is to introduce viewers to the beauty and resources of the MBNMS, while providing education on the ways people can contribute to preserving and protecting this national treasure.   Your Sanctuary connects viewers to the special places of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, as well as to the network of sanctuaries across the country and to our territories in the South Pacific.

 Awareness of the importance of healthy oceans is a priority, and Access Monterey Peninsula is instrumental in providing the conduit to bring this message to residents via cable cast, internet streaming, video on demand, and mobile phone application.

Montery Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Your Sanctuary

Creature Features

Vincent, Tangella and Mr. Livingston host the 21st-century version of Creature Features, the classic San Francisco Bay Area horror-host program made famous by Bob Wilkins in the 70’s and John Stanley in the 80’s. Host Vincent Van Dahl, former frontman for 90’s metal band “Prince of Darkness” retired from music a few years back to pursue a quiet life in Bodega Bay at his newly-acquired home, The Poulter Manor. From this haunted mansion, he is joined by his housemate Tangella and his valet Mr. Livingston to deliver the best guests and the worst movies to the entire Bay Area and around the world.

Creature Features

Creature Features

Greenworks Tv doesn't exist any more. It was a partnership with PA DEP and created shows that were mainly aired on PBS stations. We have copies of several shows created by GreenWorks.

If you had time, would you learn how to ï Restore your watershed? ï Protect endangered species? ï Save money on lighting costs? ï Improve your community? Here are just some of the issues you can learn about on Composting-Energy Conservation-Green Buildings-Drought Preparedness-Air Quality-Watershed Protection-Raptors-Recycling-Alternative Fuel VehiclesEnvironmental Landscaping-Bats-Water Conservation-Sustainable Farming-Urban Sprawl-Pollution Prevention-Environmental Education ñ and more! Find all this and more on • GreenWorks Television Shows. This EmmyÆ Award winning television series features stories of regular people doing positive things to help the environment. Watch all these half hour episodes on Real Player streaming video on . •

GreenWorks Logo

Space Age

On July 20th, 1969, the first man, Neil Armstrong, stepped foot on the moon. It was the culmination of an eight-year-old promise and, perhaps, the end of the Space Race. But how did we get there, and where would we go? The people, events, and inventions that brought us to the Moon, and beyond. Through tragedy, and triumph. From Sputnik, to Atlantis. This is the story of the Space Age. Half an hour of events, discoveries, people, speeches, documents, and history. Premires Summer 2018 on The Lifelong Learning Series.

jcorp-us Space Age Web Site

Space Shuttle NASA

Unreal to Reel

A monthly show on all things movies and television ranging from genres, certain decades, whats coming out and what you might have missed. The show is hosted by AOTV Production Manager as well as a rotating series of co-hosts with specialties in the topic of the episode.


Unreal to Reel

Smart Start for Paddlers

The American Canoe Association wants everyone to be safe on the water! SmartStart for Paddlers features a slideshow presentation full of safety information for the new boater, and offers several hands-on demonstrations of boating safety techniques for both canoers and kayakers.

Holyoke Flotilla 93 out of Massachusetts is working to get the word out about boating safety to as many people as possible. Knowing how to be safe on the water can save a life!

Smart Start for Paddlers

Reel Talk

Reel Talk has been in production for the last five years  at Dragon Digital Television at Howard Community College and features current nationally recognized films and reviews, critiques, and point-counterpoint conversation with host Christopher Llewellyn Reed and his guest. We produce six half-hour episodes of Reel Talk per year.

Reel Talk logo

Ragtime and all that Jazz

The exploration of Ragtime, the 1st music of America, which operated as the musical headwaters of Jazz, Blues, Swing, and Rock and Roll. The show will feature seminars, concerts, and music festivals focused on Ragtime, and related old-time, stride, novelty, jazz, swing, and early blues music forms performed live on Cape Cod and elsewhere. Drawing on the classic ragtime works of Scott Joplin, Joseph F. Lamb, and James Scott, as well as other popular and contemporary composers. 

Ragtime and all that Jazz

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Hosted by Middle Tennessee State University, the stage show includes live demonstrations and educational content, special guests, live telescope feeds from MTSU's observatory and footage of the totality. 70,000 solar eclipse glasses where given away to local schools along with teaching materials and lesson plans, and over 9000 glasses were given out to individual guests arriving to view the event with their neighbors and friends. Guests from across the country and internationally came to share in the festivities.

2007 Total Solar Eclipse

Bongo Boy Rock n Roll

BONGO BOY ROCK n' ROLL TV Show Series is like watching MTV when it was cool. It's a music orientated TV series that educates the viewers about upcoming indie artists and their quest to greater success. The show is dedicated to exposing the arts to new and old fans alike by featuring original music videos, Art, Indie Trailers, and history from different cultures with each new show.


Baby Blue Arts Presents

Baby Blue Arts Presents is a half-hour television music series that features some of the finest musicians around –- and they all happen to be in Minnesota!

Each program showcases a particular musician or musical group. Programs cover many different genres: jazz, classical, blues, folk, world, young artists. While most programs are taped in the CCX Create TV studio, we also film some on location.

The Producers' goal is to make great music available to a larger audience than many musicians would normally reach. Viewers fortunate enough to have access to this program are treated to a series of free concerts on their television!


Multiplicity Music Videos

Multiplicity is a diverse collection of music videos from all genres. Rock, pop, hip hop, EDM, country and more, with each episode based on a pre-defined genre. Viewers can discover new artists and find some of the most popular new music videos on the modern musical landscape. There is no host or dialogue, it is just music videos front to back.

Multiplicity Logo

Smart Movie Show

Jen, Max and Vic bring you movie updates each week. Featuring what’s new in theaters, what to watch at home, DVDs and other movie news.

Smart Movie Show Logo

Spookshow Macabre

Looking for the classic feel of a late night horror show, but with a touch of modern flair? Look no further! Rather than featuring the same old public domain horror movies that all the other "horror host" shows air, we present short horror films from independent producers. We also feature some classic horror movie trailers and vintage commercials during each episodes' "Fright Break". Hosted by Aaron Tourigny, Spooskshow Macabre transports you to a strange world where past meets present. You've never been so scared!

Spookshow Macabre

Style-City Music Presents - The Best Of The Music Industry Underground

"Be sure to tune in to Style-City Music Presents – for nonstop music videos. Cause we’re bringing you some of the best music videos from all over the world. You’ll enjoy A unique blend of Pop, Rock, R&b and other musical styles. with an occasional guest appearance from up and coming recording artists. Be sure to tune in to this channel - Because Style-City Music presents -some of the best from the music industry underground."


The Dungeon of Dreck 

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck is a horror host program, featuring public domain B movies in the horror, sci-fi, and mystery genres.

We are a retro show in the sense that we show films dating back to the 1930's to the 1960's. We are a family viewing show, as presently the show is broadcast in central MA at all different time slots. The show premiered in 2004.

The show is hosted by Dr. Dreck, a wise mouth mad scientist, and his assistant, Moaner, a female zombie with a sunny disposition. Other characters include Madame Nicotina, a chain smoking fortune teller, Stu, a large talking rat, Shrunken Ed, a disembodied head, Bigfoot, a large furry hand ala "White Fang", and Groaner, Moaner's sister, a greedy, conniving zombie. During the summer we run drive in shows, where we also show cartoons, coming attractions and intermission footage while sitting in our "simulated drive in setting."

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck

A Captains Log

A Captain's Log is all things Star Trek. This 25 minute series centers on Star Trek insider news. Show includes reviews of past and current episodes plus interviews with creators, writers, and stars. Join the ambassador to the fans (Star Trek fans), Bryan Kreutz, his animated android, Rogg, and co-host, Lili.


United States Military Bands

Whether you like jazz music, a marching band or orchestra music, the U.S. military has you covered. Each branch of the military boasts a diverse offering of musical talent that serves for ceremonial purposes but also for entertainment and outreach. Check out these bands to stay in tune with military music.

US Military Bands 5