Westmoreland Heritage Trail

Ride or walk through history along the Westmoreland Heritage Trail! Approximately 9 miles of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail are completed and open from Saltsburg to Delmont. An additional 9.2 miles from Lincoln Avenue in Export to B-Y Park in Trafford are open and ready to use. For more information on the WHT please visit the trail website..

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The trail is property of Westmoreland County and is managed by the Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation Department and the Westmoreland Heritage Trail organization. All comments, questions, and donation information should be directed to them at the links above. Thank you!

If you need to report an issue on the trail or a downed tree please call 724-872-5586 and report it to the Regional Trail Corporation.


Attention Cyclists and Walkers:

Please obey all traffic signs when crossing roadways. Stop signs are not optional, and bicyclists must obey all signals on the Trail.

According to state law, while motorists must yield to cyclists or pedestrians who are already in the crosswalk, those cyclists and pedestrians are required to yield the right-of-way “to all intersecting traffic that may be close enough to constitute a hazard during the time when you are moving across or within the intersection or junction of roadways.”

The Municipality of Murrysville will be issuing citations to bicyclists not stopping at stop signs; please exercise caution when crossing all roadway intersections along the Trail.

The Murrysville Police Department has a helpful video that you can view here.

Additional information can be found here.