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Curbside Leaf Recycling Program

  1. Curbside Leaf Recycling Program

    Republic Services, the Municipality of Murrysville’s trash/recycling hauler, will conduct municipal-wide sweeps to collect leaf and yard waste.

    The deadline to sign up for each date is the Thursday before the pick up date, the final pick up list is sent over to Republic Services on Friday morning.

    You must be a resident of Murrysville to participate in this program. 

  2. 20 Bag Limit

  3. About the Program

    Leaves must be placed in biodegradable leaf bags.  Leaves placed in plastic bags or any other container will not be picked up.  Please do not place grass clippings, trash, recycling materials, or any other refuse in the biodegradable leaf bags.  These bags will hold approximately 30 gallons/50 pounds of leaves.  Each package of bags contains five (5) bags and can be purchased at local hardware/home improvement stores.

    Yard waste must be tied into bundles and placed at the curb alongside the biodegradable bags.  Yard waste means small twigs and brush that cannot exceed 3 inches in diameter and 48 inches in length.  Republic Services will not be responsible for clean-up of leaves and/or yard waste disturbed or scattered by weather, animals, or other causes.

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