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1. When do I need to file a crash report?
2. What other services does the Police Department offer?
3. Will the Police Department respond if I lock my keys in my car?
4. How do I file a citizen complaint against an officer?
5. What should I do if I am pulled over by a police officer?
6. I have a problem with motorists violating traffic laws on my street (speeding, failing to stop for posted signs, ect.). Is there anything the Police Department can do about this?
7. What is the telephone number for the Murrysville Police Department?
8. Where is the Murrysville Police Department?
9. How do I file a police report?
10. How do I obtain police reports?
11. How do I contest a traffic citation?
12. How do I pay a traffic citation?
13. How do I pay a parking ticket?
14. How do I contest a parking ticket?
15. How can I have my fingerprints taken for employment purposes?
16. How can I obtain a permit to carry a firearm?
17. Does the Murrysville Police Department offer vacation checks?
18. What do I do about a lost dog?
19. What can I do about a dead deer in front of my house?
20. How do I get a handicap parking placard?
21. How do I get a criminal record check and / or a clearance check for employment?
22. Does the Murrysville Police Department charge a service fee for responding to false alarms?
23. I just saw something that looked very strange, possibly a crime. I'm not sure if I should call the police. What should I do?