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1. How do I obtain a building permit?
2. Do I need a burning permit?
3. What is needed if I’d like to go door-to-door to sell stuff or stand in front of a local business to collect for a charity?
4. I’m having a problem with my neighbor. Can you help?
5. I need to speak with Comcast, the cable company. Your number is listed on my bill. How do I get in touch with Comcast?
6. How do I rent the Community Center or one of the park pavilions?
7. When does the recycling guy collect my recycling?
8. The trash guy didn’t pick up my trash. Who should I call?
9. I’d like to switch recycling cart sizes. Who should I call?
10. What’s the phone number for the Murrysville Post Office?
11. I like those blue address number signs. How do I get one?